Mass heaters

As craftsmen we are happy to realize your heater, handmade, and individually.

Wood ovens

Ovens are different, kind of multifunctional. Talk to us.


Rustic, traditionally styled, modern at the same time.

We often combine details.

Probably yours.

We often are asked to realize projects normally called impossible - 

central part of our beloved craft.


Our smallest solution, so many options though.

Outdoor kitchen

Barbecue, smoking, cooking, baking.

Whatever, however you prefer!

True team craftsmanship and artwork

Our handshake involves technicians, craftsmen, designers and artists


Stove masonry is an ancient craft, tradition sometimes being interpreted too superficially though. Nevertheless, we strive for our own way, for you and with you. Handcrafted objects remain, for your home and sometimes for your next generation. 

This background is important to us, with images available around the planet interpreting everything without long consideration, too often quickly deciding for copies.

Our next shows

Showroom by appointment only –

please give us a call.

Thank you for your understanding.

Recent work

your benefits

our service

Stove masonry

As a core activity of our craft we realize heaters and ovens, wood fired for sure. We offer individual design and site work and enjoy being part of an international network - just one of your benefits.


Ronthal Ceramics

 Ronthal-Keramik as B2B professional ceramic workshop offers project-specific ceramic tiles to professional masons and workshops as well.

Some of our customers ask for very unusual solutions. We love that. Ronthal produces round as well.


Product design and development

Product management as well as customer trainings are part of Paul Polatschek's work for Ortner GmbH, Lower Austria. 

Design and artwork

Design is everywhere at any time. Design is our core activity though. We have a look at artwork and technical details simultaneously when developing your project.